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Sunsett Web Design

Terms and Conditions

The following Terms and Conditions are applicable to all Website Design carried out by Sunsett Web Design and as a customer of Sunsett Web Design you are agreeing to the following:


Our Agreement with You

We will endeavour to produce a high quality web site to your satisfaction and for the agreed package price.  Sunsett Web Design does reserve the right to increase package prices in line with inflation.  Any price increases will not affect your current agreed package price and upon renewal we will give full written notice of any increases in our package prices.

We take complaints very seriously and if at any time you are in any way unhappy with the service you receive from our company, we will resolve to settle complaints quickly and efficiently. 

If at any point you should wish to leave us as a web site developer we will ensure that this process is carried out smoothly on your behalf.


An initial deposit of 25% will be taken on the signing of this agreement.  Full payment will be required on completion and approval of Website design and prior to publication to the World Wide Web.

Any payments not received upon completion of work will result in website being made inactive until such time as accounts are settled in full.  Accounts after this which remain unpaid will be handled by a small claims court and could result in county court judgements being added to your credit rating.  


All cancellations must be made in writing giving 30 days notice.


A full refund minus the initial 25% deposit will be made only on the condition that the website undertaken has not been completed and published to the World Wide Web.  At this stage full payment must be made, and refunds will not be made.


Domain Name Ownership

Once full payment has been made and website has been published to the World Wide Web, all ownership and therefore responsibility will be that of the client.

Copyright and Trademark

You the client must guarantee that any text, graphics, photographs, designs, logos artwork or trademarks are yours to own or that you have the exclusive permission of the owner to use.

Sunsett Web Design will not be held liable or responsible for any legal dispute arising due to the incorrect or improper use of copyrighted, trademarked or protected works/materials.


Reasonable minor alterations will be made upon request once a month, but not to the extent whereby whole pages and/or pictures are replaced.

Whole pictures/images and text can be replaced, however, this will incur an extra charge which will be agreed by both parties.

Sunsett Web Design will not be held in any way responsible or liable for typographical errors after this point.  This will be the sole responsibility of the client to proof read and agree to all works before publication.

Website Enhancements

Sunsett Web Design does offer a web enhancement package, further details of which are available on our website.  This enables web sites to be promoted with major search engines and increases the amount of visitors to your site.


Sunsett Web Design allow for a reasonable amount of bandwidth usage on a monthly basis.  This will be actively monitored and any usage which becomes what we consider to be excessive will be charged at an agreed additional charge.

Interruptions to Service

Sunsett Web Design will endeavour to ensure that your service is not interrupted although at times this is not possible i.e. Acts of God, failure of internet service/servers, faults with telecommunications, faults due to your site visitors, computer or software errors or indeed faults on your behalf to effectively manage your web site.  In this instance Sunsett Web Design can accept no responsibility and will not be held liable for any loss of trade/earnings incurred

Sunsett Web Design shall not be held responsible for any loss or delay of information due to interruptions in email service.  Clients are advised that it is their responsibility to regularly check that their email service is fully functional.

Renewal of your Package

Packages will become due for renewal 12 months from your website being published to the World Wide Web.  Clients will be informed in writing 28 days before renewal is due.  Sunsett Web Design will not be held liable or responsible in any way for any losses incurred due to you the client failing to renew your website package

Sunsett Web Design will always reserve the right to refuse work which we deem to be unsuitable according to the ethics of our company.  This can include any material/content of;             

Indecent photographs of children

Photographs considered indecent in any respect

Any issues relating to and expressing aggressive content towards religion, ethnicity or sexual orientation

Any promotion of violence in any way


All agreements must be agreed and signed by both parties before web construction can begin.


Failure to adhere to these terms and conditions will be grounds for immediate cancellation.


Copyright Sunsett Web Design


Terms and Conditions - Sunsett Web Design - Website Design in County Durham